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Christian Coaching Mastery Program

Are you called to provide comfort to those seeking clarity and guidance?

Christian coaching in these uncertain times is deeply needed for individuals and families concerned or fearful about the current times we're living in. 
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The Definitive 3 Blueprint

This three-part program contains all the templates, tools, strategies, and resources needed to be a Faith-based Christian Coach to other Christians seeking in-depth direction and comforting guidance on how to find their own Mission, enhance their lives profoundly, and increase their certainty and faith in Jesus.
Unveiling the Strategy
Step-by-step Framework for Engaging with Your Christian Clients
Definitive Guides & Message Transmissions
Spiritual Preparation
Daily & Weekly Routines
Topics of Discussion  & Revealing Their Mission
Templates, Tools & Resources
 Levels of Assessment
Coaching Agreement & Unique Value Proposition
Self-Empowerment & Life Training Tools
Prayer Library & Declarations
Books & Bonuses
Direction for Our Times
Eucharist Miracles
Divine Impulses Calendar
Protection, Remedies and Physical Preparation
Mission Centers
World Events, End Times & Bible Prophecy