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BLINK TO OBLIVION — IT'S BEGUN: A Spiritual Timeline For Hope is filled with many of my not-so-usual experiences and how they ended up being a Testimony of Faith for God.

I take you on a journey from living on the "wrong side" of God for many years and how he crushed my chosen, unstable foundation and broke the chain of command from "hers" to His, for the ultimate goal of an assigned Divine Mission he had in mind . . . and so we begin!

Up-front, full and center, Truths, mine and God's, are revealed with lessons and gems for all.

This Book is a Mission with a Divine Message, as in God wants you to know, thus my Divine Calling, "Share Your Story," is in fulfillment as we speak, after five long years committing to what God asked of me.

You will uncover deep lessons should you pay attention. It is my hope you will do just that.

Blessed day your way!

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Book 2 of Three-Book Memoir

My old, worn-out life was quickly on its way to obsolete as I set out to reinvent myself and my life after devastating, personal
family deaths.
A force beckoned me forward in a new and adventurous direction, only to awaken to nothing short of an unexpected and pronounced life shake-down, as a number of Frozen Truths imploded upon my best intentions.
With no longer a plan, a "life," and barely a self, I would crumble under dire circumstances or I would fight to re-establish
an idea of life I had left behind many years ago.
The choice was my own to make even as it felt like no choice at all.
There would be no room for wiggle on this tightrope journey of The Tipping Point to God.